You paint the sky black,
You said if you could have your way,
You’d make a nighttime world today,
So it’d suit the mood of your soul.

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Se me vio chido hacer esto, asi que entonces pa’ eso escogí hablar en Español! Casi siempre hablo el lenguaje informalmente, porque así lo aprendí de mis padres. Mi primer lenguaje es este, y después el Ingles. Pues me voy, ya que tengo que regresar a la chamba, ¡hasta luego!

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our emotions choose the way…

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I’ve had a few people request lyrics for my tracks - so here are the words to all four tracks on the current Neon/Tears In The Rain EP. Sing along and enjoy! ♥


Neon, the light that we were born from, flicker not forgotten, the heart it learns to live on, rise just like the sun.

Could you also post the lyrics from your Warrior EP? iTunes doesn’t offer a booklet for EPs :/

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Reblog if you think it’s okay to be homosexual




I need to prove a point to my homophobic friend.

I’m writing down the urls of everyone who reblogs this in a notebook, and will present it to my friend when it is sufficiently full.

You’re gonna need a bigger book

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Popocatépetl y Iztaccíhuatl: (The Lovers): -

Before leaving for war, Popocatépetl asked Iztaccíhuatl’s father for permission to marry her. Shortly after, a rival of Popocatépetl falsely told Iztaccíhuatl that her love been killed in battle. The princess died of grief from this news. Popocatépetl returned victorious but was shocked by the princess’s death. To honor her, he ordered a tomb to be built close to the sun. Ten hills were united to create a mountain. Popocatépetl laid the princess’s body at the mountaintop, and the whole mountain took on the form of a sleeping woman. Then as the warrior kneeled before his lost love, snow covered them, and they both transformed into volcanoe.

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Mexican Folklore: “La Llorona” (“The Weeping Woman”) -

a beautiful woman by the name of Maria who drowns her children in order to be with the man that she loved. The man would not have her, which devastated her. She would not take no for an answer, so she drowned herself in a river in Mexico City. Challenged at the gates of Heaven as to the whereabouts of her children, she is not permitted to enter the afterlife until she has found them. Maria is forced to wander the Earth for all eternity, searching in vain for her drowned offspring, with her constant weeping giving her the name “La Llorona.” She is trapped in between the living world and the spirit world.

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paint me in the colors of murder.

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Within Temptation:1998 ~ 2006 (Live)

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Within Temptation:2007 ~ 2014 (Live)

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Someone is dancing on my grave
Sending shivers down my spine.
I hear a laugh, it awoke my soul

- The Dance (Within Temptation) 1998.

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FUNDRAISING FOR MY DAD'S CANCER: Standing Together on the Bridge of Hope


Dear friends, followers and readers:

My family’s in crisis right now. My dad’s currently sick in the hospital, my mom’s working hard to pay off his medical and hospital bills, two of my three sisters are the only ones who are working abroad right now while the other is taking care of my dad, and I’m trying to help them by doing this.

Please help us raise money for my dad’s medical expenses for his AML treatment and other hospital bills.

You don’t have to donate if you don’t want to. No one’s forcing you. I am not forcing you. There are other ways aside from donating if you want to help, sharing and advertising the link to your blogs, sites, friends are greatly appreciated as well as your prayers and kind and encouraging words.

You can also help us out by buying my art:


Thank you so much for the prayers and your support!

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Asking my followers for some help.


Someone from Fanpop (user TaMaRa_88) has saved my graphics and uploaded them to the site.

Example: Here, Here, Here.

If Hafize Mutlu/TaMaRa_88 is following this blog, please take them down or at least put some credit up. If anyone has an account there, please message her the…

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Guys, I’m now making graphics at lanadlerey, and will reblog anything I make there (Lana Del Rey related) here (my posts will be tagged graphics: ellengrieves). I’m still active on this account as well, so no worries! If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan though, might want to follow me there as well.

Posting this on my regular blog too.

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